SLICE THE ROPE(MOD (Unlimited Money) v2.42.12) Download

SLICE THE ROPE(MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.73.0) Download

SLICE THE ROPE(MOD (Unlimited Money) v12.8.4)

<p>PikPok's brutally simple, and curiously addictive anagram game Four Letters now has a more natural home: the Apple Watch.</p><p>The game's all about turning four letters into a four-letter word, as quickly as possible. It's quick fire and massages your brain in weird, wonderful ways as you struggle to spell out the simplest words.</p><p>In our Silver Award review, we said "this is quick fire wordplay at its very best, and it won't cost you anything to download it and give it a go".</p><p>The new update brings the game to Apple Watch, with a nice circular design and all the content from the main game. Except ads, which is nice. No wants ads on their watch. Or anywhere.</p>.


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Art of War(MOD (MEGA) v1.4.1):

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