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<p>Ever play the Flash game Dangerous Dungeons? It's getting an upgrade in the form of a remake on iOS.We're told it'll have "rebalanced difficulty, improved controls, new art, music and brand new dungeon not found in the original game."</p><p>Anyway, it's called Super Dangerous Dungeons, and a new trailer reveals it'll be out on November 19th.</p><p>In it, you play as Timmy as he runs and leaps through traps and puzzles to reach a legendary treasure. Plot doesn't get much simpler than that, eh?</p><p>In total, it has 48 levels including bosses and secret stages, a SNES-inspired soundtrack, 19 achievements, and a Time Trial mode with leaderboards.</p><p>Oh, and this is made by the same person behind the Silver Award-winning Tiny Dangerous Dungeons, if you're wondering about a connection between the games.</p>.

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