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<p>Many classic board games have been given a digital makeover for mobile devices in recent years, and &lsquo;80s classic Mandala is the latest to make the jump from the tabletop. The esoteric favourite has been adapted for iOS and Android as Mandala - The Game of Life, a modern remake of the original almost 40 years on from its initial release.</p><p>Developed by Digital Future Games, Mandala - The Game of Life retains the core elements of its tabletop predecessor but adds a contemporary twist to the formula. Fresh out of beta testing, the game is free to play, with mobile adverts and optional in-app purchases.</p><p>For anyone unfamiliar with the original Mandala, the aim of the game is to guide your pawn to the centre of the board by navigating a decreasing series of concentric rings, sniping opposing pieces along the way. Players roll five coloured dice, each corresponding with a matching pair of rings. Based on the numbers they roll, players can rotate said rings and alter their approach to the centre, as well as their opponents&rsquo; paths.</p>.

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