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Paint Picker Mod Paint Picker v 1.0.4 Mod Features:Enter the game to give a lot of moneyBe an artist is not that difficult with Paint Picker!Many beautiful paintings have been damaged, the colors are mixed and placed at the wrong areas. What an unacceptable evil action to artistry. Let's solve the challenging puzzle to get the splendid painting back. Your mission in Paint Picker is to pick the color and paint it back to the correct areas.Game Features:- Paint the picture according to the sample- Tap the dropper on the area to collect the color from the painting- Tap again the dropper on another area to paint- Hold maximum 3 colors in the dropper per timePaint Picker is suitable for all ages and gender. It will fulfill your dream of becoming a true artist! Playing Paint Picker can also help reducing your stress after a long exhausting day. Download Paint Picker now for FREE!!!.

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