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<p>Queen's Wish: The Conqueror is the latest 80's style RPG to come from the minds at Spiderweb Software. Known mostly for their Avernum series Spiderweb are now creating yet another deeply immersive retro RPG. It will release on September 11th on PC with an iOS reportedly following shortly after.</p><p>In Queen's Wish, you will play as the Queen's youngest child who has spent most of their life living in luxury without a care in the world. One day she decides that you must start to contribute to the family business and sends you away to recapture a lost colony.</p><p>Whether you choose to do that or not will be entirely up to you. Spiderweb Software says Queen's Wish will be open-ended so you'll be free to roam around the game's open world and side with whoever you choose. Listen to your mother or rebel, essentially. Check out the trailer below for some gameplay.</p>.


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