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<p>Her Story is the first indie project from Sam Barlow. He previously wrote and designed both Silent Hill: Origins and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.</p><p>It's described as a crime fiction game with non-linear storytelling. It'll be coming to iOS, PC, and Mac in early 2015, which means soon.</p><p>It turns your iPad or iPhone into a police computer terminal from where you investigate archived footage from 1994. It concerns a woman being interviewed by police about her missing husband.</p><p>Obviously, it's not real footage, but it is live-action and made up to emulate the low-quality of VHS recording equipment. The woman is played by actress and musician Viva Seifert.</p><p>You have to type in search queries into the database to retrieve footage in which the woman speaks these words.</p>.

GAME NAME Domino QiuQiu

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